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Brand introduction

Angel Kiss, a classic piece derived from Eastern feelings, with a very delicate and soft line appearance design, deeply infiltrated by the persistent pursuit and understanding of life, art and culture, bringing the profound oriental cultural and artistic heritage to modern times. The perfect combination of styles, vivid and original integration into the colorful world of leather goods, makes the leather goods series extraordinary and as long as new.


Brand definition

"ANGEL KISS" creates elegant and personalized fashion, upholding that "people" are the protagonists of fashion, and according to the different social roles played by each woman at different times, we introduce fashion, leisure and other styles to adapt to different occasions. Dress appropriately. "ANGEL KISS" advocates perfect matching, and strives that every woman can find corresponding fashion accessories and practical accessories in "ANGEL KISS" without too much effort. "ANGEL KISS" refers to international fashion and popular elements, but pays attention to the temperament and aesthetics of bags suitable for international women, so that the beauty does not conflict! Let the dress up!

Brand Culture 

Guide the trend and let fashion live forever!